DBACE 2016 Categories

Art & Photography

Helen Murray, Freelance Photographer

Johannes Froehlich, Project Art

Alicja Dobrucka, Alumni

Eleanor Gibson, Alumni

Eleanor Blunden, Deutsche Bank

Tom Burke-Nott, Deutsche Bank

Susi Crawford, Deutsche Bank

Craft & Design

Rasheeda Nalumoso V&A

Yelena Ford, The New Craftsman

Michael Tougher, Alumni

Emma-Jayne Parkes, Alumni

Zhivko Dimitrov, Deutsche Bank

Jill Humphrey, Deutsche Bank

Friederike (Fredi) Werner, Deutsche Bank


Leigh Thomas, Into Film

Melanie Hirst, Deutsche Bank

Diann Suranyi, Deutsche Bank

David Harry, Deutsche Bank


Mark Bamping, Aurora Orchestra

Laura Luckhurst , London Philharmonia Orchestra

Vincent Bruggeman, DBACE Alumni

Rhian Ivey, Deutsche Bank

Max Mizzi, Deutsche Bank

Wing-Lee Chan, Deutsche Bank


Rob Watt, National Theatre

Amber Massie-Blomfield, Camden People’s Theatre

Melanie Grossenbacher, DBACE Alumni

Sara Bingham   Deutsche Bank

Lucinda Hearth  Deutsche Bank

Michelle Berti    Deutsche Bank

Please note, this is not an exhaustive list of creative disciplines but is intended to illustrate the breadth of practice that can be supported.
If you think something is missing, let us know.

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