Who is eligible to enter the Awards?

  • Final year BA or BSC students, studying a creative subject
  • Final year MA or MSC or MPhill students, studying a creative subject
  • First year graduates of a creative subject – who graduated within the last academic year (2016)

All applicants also need to ensure that their university is registered to DBACE. The list of the current registered universities can be found here. If yours isn’t on the list, please ask your tutor to complete this free and short form to get your university registered.

Who isn’t eligible?

  • Final year or recently graduated PhD students
  • Undergraduate and post-graduate diplomas or certificates
  • Graduates who graduated before 2016
  • Students not in their final year
  • Students not studying a degree directly related to the creative industries

Are group applications allowed?

  • Yes. Group projects/businesses can apply. The lead applicant must fulfil the eligibility criteria above, even if the other members of the project/business are not eligible.

Are applications allowed in more than one category?

  • No – you can only enter into the most relevant category. Unfortunately, we are unable to give advice as which category you should apply to.  We recommend checking the category options and applying to whichever category feels most relevant to your project/business.

I live abroad and/or my project will take place overseas. Can I still apply?

  • International students who have studied or graduated from a UK college/university may apply. Equally we welcome project/business ideas that will take place abroad. However, you must be in the UK for the judging day.

If you have questions we haven’t answered here, please visit our FAQs page.

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