What is the DBACE?
– An Awards programme to enable arts students and recent graduates to develop a business or project plan to launch their career.
– Links business skills and creativity to maximise the potential to succeed; to date 170 winners over 22 years.
– Available to all UK arts colleges and universities with final year degree students and graduates in creative disciplines.

Who can apply?
The Deutsche Bank Awards for Creative Enterprise are open to final year arts/creative degree students and graduates (who graduated up to a year ago) at arts colleges/universities around the UK that have registered for this year’s programme.

At a college that’s not yet registered to DBACE? Over 70 colleges/universities are already registered for 2015; if yours hasn’t, simply get your tutors or careers advisors to complete this free and easy online form to open up the Awards programme to you.

Why apply?

This is your chance to win:
— £10,000 start-up capital
— 12 months business mentoring
— Small business training
— Access to networks
In order to:
— Develop a professional business plan
— Learn new skills
— Improve networks and access audiences
— Deutsche Bank endorsement
— Fast track to success
— Fulfil potential and work on your passion

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