Max Comfort

Art & Photography – Max Comfort

  • Role: Shortlister
  • Job Title: Social Entrepreneur
  • Categories: Art & Photography
  • Years: 2017

Max trained at the Architectural Association School of Architecture, engaged in Architecture, architecture and masterplanning for 20 years and then reinvented himself as a project manager and ethical business advisor, mentor, executive coach and occasional author. An irrepressible champion of the portfolio career, now known as a /career, he loves helping his clients make a good living from what they are passionate about. He teaches, trains and writes about work and what it will be like in the future. At the RCA and other colleges, he has helped students and young entrepreneurs to prepare and plan their professional careers, to grow their confidence, particularly around presentation and pricing, and to build strong bridges between art, innovation and business. He encourages a triple bottom line approach to business, believing that exploitation has to give way now to stewardship as the core commercial imperative, and that our innate curiosity can guide us to need rather than want as a basis for a sustainable and fulfilling vocation. As a social entrepreneur, Max brings traditional business drive to bear on opportunities for remodelling the way our society works, cutting through inertia and obfuscation to the clarity of good ideas well delivered. He likes nothing better than doing something that has never been done before, preferring a flexible, nomadic workstyle, always outside the box, always curious, always learning. He delights in helping others do the same, particularly those embarking on their first careers in innovation and entrepreneurship. Although based in the West Country, Max enjoys travelling anywhere where there’s something interesting and challenging to be addressed and debated, so he spends a fair amount of his time in London, the City of his birth.

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