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Performance – Chris Partridge

  • Role: Judge
  • Job Title: Head of Aircraft Finance
  • Organisation: Deutsche Bank
  • Categories: Performance
  • Years: 2016, 2017

Chris is an aviation industry professional with a Masters Degree from City University, London. He started out training as a pilot on a Royal Air Force Scholarship, before moving into other roles, including an aerial surveyor, a geophysical surveyor on mineral exploration projects in remote areas of the world and an aviation consultant. His extensive experience in this sector (30+ years) is broadly recognised in the aviation industry and he is regularly asked to provide industry commentary for television, radio and press coverage of industry events and as a speaker at industry conferences. He was an ISTAT Charitable Foundation Board Member for 10 years and until 2014 was a Travel Advisory Board Member at British Airways. He has been actively involved with Deutsche Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility activities for more than 10 years and whilst not having an arts background is a keen photographer, a lover of music and regularly attends concerts and the theatre.

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