Jack Bright doppel

Craft & Design – Jack Hooper

  • Role: Judge
  • Job Title: DBACE Craft & Design Winner 2014
  • Categories: Craft & Design
  • Years: 2017

Jack is an engineer, designer and entrepreneur. After a short stint in film-making his strong sense of narrative, combined with a first class degree in Mechanical Engineering at Leeds University, brought him to the Innovation Design Engineering Masters (IDE) at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College. He joined the course as a Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 scholar to further his combination of the arts and sciences, graduating with distinction in 2014. A true generalist, he has worked for a robotics startup in design and business; produced maintenance equipment for a weaving company; written and created a Diana Award nominated film and wrote his dissertation on the ethics of using nudge psychology in design. Since graduating Jack co-founded doppel; a psychology-technology company soon to launch a ground-breaking wearable that can make the wearer feel more calm and focused on demand. doppel was originally supported by the DBACE and most recently Jack was awarded an 1851 Enterprise Fellowship by the Royal Academy of Engineering.  

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