Esperanza Cerdan

Esperanza Cerdan

  • Role: Judge
  • Job Title: Director Global Markets - Divisional Control Group
  • Organisation: Deutsche Bank
  • Categories: Music
  • Years: 2016, 2017

Esperanza Cerdan has 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, and is currently a Director in Deutsche Bank Divisional Control in Global Markets where she supports and provides a framework to manage ‘non financial’ risks for the business. She has held a number of roles within Deutsche Bank from running structuring business in Latin America, to managing risk and capital for Global Markets. Esperanza has been actively involved with the non-profit sector, through both program-specific volunteering and provision of business and strategic support to medium-sized ventures in the arts and education sectors. She headed Latin America activities in Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation responsible for Latin America; where she provided philanthropic grants, pro-bono time and program-related-investments to social organizations. Esperanza holds a Masters in Telecommunication Engineering and an MBA from IESE. Esperanza believes that market based, entrepreneurial and innovative solutions to long-standing social problems, will attract enough capital to revolutionize investment patterns and social improvement.

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