J. Paul Neeley
J. Paul Neeley

J. Paul Neeley

  • Role: Judge
  • Job Title: Designer and Researcher
  • Organisation: Winner of the 2011 Deutsche Bank Award in Design
  • Categories: Design
  • Years: 2015

J. Paul is a Designer and Researcher based in London. He has a background in Service Design, Speculative Design, and Design Research and Strategy. J. Paul is the Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Yossarian Lives, a metaphorical search engine, and has worked professionally at Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation on healthcare experience & delivery, and at Unilever in consumer & market insights. His design work explores the implications of emerging technologies looking to reframe our understanding of our current state, with recent projects on happiness, quantified self, healthcare, sustainability, synthetic biology, and issues of complexity and computational irreducibility in design and business. He is also the creator of Masamichi Souzou, a company exploring design directions in the optimisation of human happiness. J. Paul holds an MA in Design Interactions from the Royal College of Art, and is a graduate from Northwestern University where he studied Communications Studies & Economics. jpaulneeley.com @jape

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