Lareena photo

Craft & Design – Lareena Hilton

  • Role: Judge
  • Job Title: Managing Director, Global Head of Brand Communications & Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Organisation: Deutsche Bank AG
  • Categories: Craft & Design
  • Years: 2016

Lareena has worked at Deutsche Bank since 1995 and is part of the global communications leadership team where she is responsible for developing the bank’s strategic brand communications and corporate social responsibility (csr) agenda across all its key regions.  In 2012, when her role was extended to take on global CSR, she introduced a unifying mission and new strategic framework for CSR that enables the bank to demonstrate the impact of its investments, positively contribute towards societal issues and engage the skills and talents of employees. As part of this she launched the new brand identities and campaigns for the core programmes, Born to Be, Made for Good, In the Community and Plus You.     In 2010 Lareena successfully relaunched the Deutsche Bank Brand & Visual Identity across the bank’s diverse businesses, regions and media application. This involved a redefined brand identity and personality, a new and ground-breaking approach to the bank’s brand architecture and a refreshed and contemporary visual style. Lareena is now working on a new brand strategy for the bank that will reposition the brand, create deeper alignment to the bank’s culture and strategic vision, which is due to roll out internally in the coming months with an external media activation to follow. Lareena sits on the Business in the Community Enterprise Leadership Team that helps business to create jobs, growth and vibrant communities by supporting local enterprises and cultural organisations.

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