Sue Parkhill
Anders Kjærgaard
Anita Witek

  • Business / Project: ASA
  • Category: Photography
  • College: Royal College of Art

Winner : 2000


What advice would you offer to potential applicants?

"If you think something is a good idea, it probably is! Don't be put off by what other people say (or don't say). Applying for things is a great process, it really makes you think things through and understand what you want." - Sue Parkhill

Sue Parkhill Case Study

What was your winning business/project idea?

We formed a photographic collective to make and exhibit work.

What did winning the Award mean to you and how did it help launch your career?

It was great for us as it gave us the push we needed to pursue our idea. You gain confidence when people show an interest and believe you can make something happen.

What skills did you develop as a result of DBACE?

  • Confidence
  • Creativity / innovation
  • Developing business plans / funding applications
  • Articulating your ideas / creative vision
  • Applying creativity / innovation within a professional setting
  • Understanding client needs
  • Responding to client needs
  • Collaborating with others
  • Flexibility / adaptibility
  • Self management
  • Self confidence
  • Initiative / risk taking
  • Networking

What have been your greatest achievements since winning the Award?

Exhibiting work in this country and in other parts of Europe as well as in the USA and Australia. Winning a substantial bursary to complete a project on Social Housing in Eastern Europe. Working on projects abroad with the British Council and also with UNICEF. Generally continuing to enjoy and develop my photography practice.

Have your objectives and long-term goals changed since winning the Award? If so, how?

All three of us don't work together any longer. Anita returned to Vienna. Anders and I still collaborate on some projects. In the last 15 years I've had to learn to find the balance between purely making my own work and also having enough paid work to continue living in London. I've realise that I enjoy collaborating and fulfilling briefs in a personal, creative way.

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