Peter Brewin
William Crawford

  • Business / Project: Concrete Canvas Shelters
  • Category: Design
  • College: Royal College of Art

Winner : 2005


What advice would you offer to potential applicants?

"Starting your own business is immensely rewarding and although it is risky the experience is an end in itself." - Peter Brewin

Peter Brewin Case Study

What was your winning business/project idea?

Concrete Canvas Shelters

What did winning the Award mean to you and how did it help launch your career?

It was very useful in providing part of the start-up funds to enable us to set up Concrete Canvas. the publicity and mentoring was also extremely useful in enabling us to secure the investment we required from angels.

What have been your greatest achievements since winning the Award?

Together with my co founder and co award winner William Crawford we have grown Concrete Canvas to a company with sales in over 40 countries that this year was placed as the second fastest growing manufacturing company in the UK by the Times FT 100.

Have your objectives and long-term goals changed since winning the Award? If so, how?

Not in so much that our objective is to have control of our own direction and to enjoy it.

For more information on this project/enterprise, please visit:

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