Daniel Maher – Glasgow School of Art

Daniel Maher

  • Business / Project: Equinox Digital
  • Category: Craft & Design
  • College: Glasgow School of Art

Equinox Digital provides a heritage documentation service with a difference; we use the latest technological developments in the fields of digital surveying and computer vision to create interactive and highly accurate 3D representations of cultural heritage sites and objects. We have developed an innovative workflow in which we use UAVs ('Drones'), advanced digital cameras and handheld laser scanners to capture 3D spatial data of heritage sites and objects. This data is then processed through complex computer vision software to generate highly detailed 3D models. The applications of this 3D data are genuinely exciting. We can extract highly accurate geometric survey data of a site for cartographic purposes. We can also incorporate it into visually stunning and informative heritage visualisations. The data can be tailored for use in virtual museums, or 3D printed for a more tangible experience. Ultimately, we see ourselves as not only being innovative in the documentation of cultural heritage, we also aim to provide a new digital paradigm through which our shared cultural heritage can be examined and experienced.

Winner : 2016

Craft & Design

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