Emilia Gasiorek

Emilia Gasiorek

  • Business / Project: Kissing the Book
  • Category: Contemporary Dance
  • College: London Contemporary Dance School

Kissing the book is an investigation into documentation in relation to performance, involving the creation of a succession of performances and events, a creative book and series of educational workshops. Ontologically dance has been seen as essentially temporal and ephemeral. In contrast written documents are typically seen as tangible and long-lasting, allowing them also to be used for archival purposes. This project explores how to challenge this binary division. It explores how processes of documentation and the translation of information and meaning across different mediums should not be seen as the binary opposite of performance, but can be part of the performance, as well as the performance itself. The project will create new work in two forms; a series of performances and a creative book. The performances will be based around notions of the body as a document and constant, live recording machine exposed through scores and practices that explore how we document across different mediums. The book explores ways of extending the notion of the ‘artists book’ in proposing the page as a site for performance and the act reading as a duet or dialogue between reader and words. Finally there will be a series of educational workshops, which will hope to raise notions of documentation and performance through games, scores and practical tasks.

Winner : 2014

Contemporary Dance

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