Living Room Circus

Elinor Harvey

  • Business / Project:¬†Living Room Circus
  • Category:¬†Performance
  • College:¬†National Centre for Circus Arts

The Living Room Circus (LRC) is a travelling circus company, planning to journey across Europe to different art festivals taking in villages, towns and cities. An intimate and immersive event, the LRC will perform to a wide range of audiences with a variety of acts and innovative experiences. Open to children as well as adults, guests will be invited into a creative environment whilst enjoying acts from professional circus performers. The performance will take place in a circus tent, which will have been transformed into a cosy living room. Soft, velvet drapes and textured screens will create a warm space. The audience will sit comfortably on sofas, arm chairs or cushions while circus acts go on around them; balancing on lampshades, tumbling over tables and dangling from the chandeliers.

Winner : 2016


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