Orlando Jopling

  • Business / Project: Roman River Music
  • Category: Music
  • College: University of Cambridge

Winner : 1992


What advice would you offer to potential applicants?

"Be ambitious!" - Orlando Jopling

Orlando Jopling Case Study

What was your winning business/project idea?

A music festival celebrating some little-known works of Bela Bartok.

What did winning the Award mean to you and how did it help launch your career?

It was a big confidence boost. I got the producing bug, and I've been putting on concerts, commissioning music and curating festivals ever since. Thanks DB! I appreciate the team keeping in touch as well.

What skills did you develop as a result of DBACE?

  • Confidence
  • Presenting your work / ideas
  • Developing business plans / funding applications
  • Articulating your ideas / creative vision
  • Critical thinking
  • Collaborating with others
  • Problem solving
  • Initiative / risk taking
  • Project management
  • Networking

What have been your greatest achievements since winning the Award?

Building Roman River Music into a 25-concert, three-week annual arts festival in coastal Essex, rejuvenating the 140-year-old Royal Orchestral Society into one of the best amateur orchestras in London, and founding Tête à Tête, an opera company specialising in new commissions, new writing, and experimental opera.

Have your objectives and long-term goals changed since winning the Award? If so, how?

Not really, but I'm more excited by projects that attempt to change the world for the better, like rejuvenating a derelict 1851 public meeting hall in Colchester into a concert hall, and by music education, which helps with maths, literacy, self-confidence and concentration in school, as well as being a whole lot of fun for the youngsters.

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