Matt Parker

Matt Parker

  • Business / Project: The Cloud is more than Air and Water
  • Category: Music
  • College: Birmingham Conservatoire

Winner : 2014


What advice would you offer to potential applicants?

"Compose a project plan that makes sense and flows and has a degree of realism to it but be prepared for it to change and evolve as you go on." - Matt Parker

Matt Parker Case Study

What was your winning business/project idea?

The People's Cloud is a project investigating the ecology and impact of cloud computing on the lives of those who use it, the places it is physically located in and the people who work to maintain it. The People's Cloud aim to travel to various Data Centres, surveying their acoustic properties and their relationship with the overall environmental and geopolitical impact of mobile data storage. They wish to speak with engineers, technicians, manufacturers, marketing experts, salespeople, economists, husbands, wives, family members, academics, cultural thinkers and artists about what 'the cloud' means to them and what has the data boom has meant to their lives.

What did winning the Award mean to you and how did it help launch your career?

The award created a platform for me to be able to pursue my passion in creative audiovisual production and gave me a fantastic opportunity to commit myself for a year towards developing my career as an audiovisual artist. I believe that the award aided my bids for further succesful bids through the Arts Council and through the Arts and Humanities Research Council. I have been able to secure nearly £56,000 in additional funding (for the next three years) which I believe it be a direct consequence of having been awarded the prize. It will allow me to continue pursuing the development of my career as an artist.

What skills did you develop as a result of DBACE?

  • Confidence
  • Creativity / innovation
  • Presenting your work / ideas
  • Developing business plans / funding applications
  • Articulating your ideas / creative vision
  • Applying creativity / innovation within a professional setting
  • Research skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Making / technical / design skills
  • Self management
  • Problem solving
  • Self confidence
  • Initiative / risk taking
  • Project management
  • Written communication
  • Cashflow / budgets

What have been your greatest achievements since winning the Award?

Since winning the award, I have had my art work shown at a number of festivals including Sonorities in Belfast, The European Media Art Festival in Osnabruck Germany and The International Documentary Festival Amsterdam. I was also shortlisted for the Aeshtetica Art Prize. I have also been interviewed and commissioned for the production of radio pieces for ABC Radio (Australia), NPR (USA), BBC World Service and Kulturwelle (Germany).

Have your objectives and long-term goals changed since winning the Award? If so, how?

Yes, substantially the objectives of the project itself have changed substantially as the project continued to require refinement as I bega to hone my direction. The long term aim of the award remains the same though, which has always been to invest in me as a creative practitioner; an audiovisual artist. I continue to work towards this goal.

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