The Business Plan ying and yang; informative yet creative
by Max Comfort, trainer for the DBACE 2015 business planning workshops

I’m halfway through delivering this year’s Deutsche Bank Awards for Creative Enterprise workshops and I’m still as passionate as I was when I gave the first one 13 years ago. I always like to remind myself of the context that students and recent graduates are engaging with, the challenges they may face when they leave college, and the opportunities these present.

It’s a strange, wonderful, terrifying and inspiring world out there and we are all going to have to adapt to increasingly rapid change, to believe in the unbelievable, and to become nomadic and uber-flexible.

In researching for the book I’m writing – based pretty much on the Deutsche Bank workshops – I’ve been looking at the role of business in co-creating a sustainable future we can all live with now and for some time to come.

Traditional business has largely been about exploiting people and the planet, and in my view that needs to change now; we need a new model of business that is about stewarding and caring for our delicate planet, that focuses on sharing more and narrowing the rich: poor divide.

There is some inspiring work being done in this regard; businesses are being established that make a positive difference as well as a profit, and many are set up and run by people with a creative background. Some of the DBACE past winners are living proof of this. For example, Play for Progress, My Bookcase and Twelfth Day.

The Deutsche Bank Awards are a terrific opportunity to put into practice solutions to some of the world’s pressing problems and in the process, to shape an exciting and rewarding career, to direct and guide change rather than chase after it.

There’s still time to join me in Birmingham and London – bring your imagination, your irreverence and your inspiration, because we’ll be talking about business and project plans in a way you won’t believe possible!

See for yourself…

I look forward to seeing you there,

Max Comfort


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