Over the coming weeks we’ll be asking four of our 2014 winners what winning the Award meant to them, what the future holds and if there’s any advice they can pass onto those applying for DBACE 2015.

First up is Victoria Proffitt.


“Realistically, I could never have pursued publishing and exhibiting my work without the funding provided. This is the case for the overwhelming majority of young people working in the arts.

Before applying for the Award, I had invested several years purely into the logistics of accomplishing the project. The biggest challenges in producing work that involves social documentary are  location access and personal contact.

Deutsche Bank’s support in carrying out a body of work of this political nature has provided me with the professional credibility to approach individuals and organisations that I could have only dreamt of collaborating with.

Melanie, my personal mentor at Deutsche Bank, has been a wealth of knowledge and guidance, and without her support I know it would have been impossible to realise a project so large in scope.

I hope in future to continue working as a multi-disciplinary artist, engaged with contemporary social issues. By then, I would like to have published and exhibited on an international platform, and to have an active career in university education.

If there’s one thing I could pass on…

Do not limit yourself by catering your application to fit an idea of what could win. There is no specific formula that will secure you the Award.

The judges take a very holistic approach in their evaluation. The final assessment, in all honesty, was the most difficult presentation and Q&A I have experienced!

They carefully consider the needs of each individual and how the Award could help them in their career, both in the short and long-term.

If you did not have the opportunity to apply for the Deutsche Bank Award, would you have the same dreams for your business project or career? Check yourself to make sure your answer is ‘yes’.”

Victoria Proffitt, November 2014

Victoria Proffitt is a 2014 Deutsche Bank Award winner, in the Art category. She is a graduate with Royal College of Art.

Her Project ‘Homo Economicus’ is a visual study of the culture of the financial sector, through documentary photography, text, and investigation of archives from news and advertising media.

The project will culminate in a touring exhibition and publication, in the hope of raising discussion about the current relationship between the public and financial industry at large. Read her full profile here.

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