Why apply?

‘More than anything – even the cash – winning DBACE was a nod that someone believed in what we were doing. Through DBACE, we’ve pushed our potential more than we could imagine.’

 – Melanie Grossenbacher, DBACE 2015 Winner

You’ve got an idea for a creative project. You’ve decided to start your career as an artist. But how do you get started?

There’s a lot more to having a career as an artist or developing a creative project than just having an idea. You need a great project plan, and a bit of support. Which is where the Deutsche Bank Awards for Creative Enterprise (DBACE) comes in.

DBACE gives you a platform to test your idea, turn it into a plan, and then pitch for investment and support.

And if you’re one of our five winners in our five categories, DBACE will invest £10,000 in your creative business or project. We’ll also provide you with training and business mentoring from a senior Deutsche Bank employee, who will be on hand to offer guidance and support for a year.

So if you’ve got the ideas, we’ve got the guidance and support to help you bring them to life.

If you are thinking of doing your own thing –  then apply! The benefits both in funding and in training are invaluable. DBACE funding gave me the time to work on my business, and attend a trade conference where I won my first major sales and licensing deal. I would have found it much harder to start – and to start well – without it.’

 – Michael Tougher, DBACE 2015 Winner

What you win

  • All shortlisted applicants and winners of each category will be offered a place on a two-day small business training course in London during the summer of 2017.
  • Winners receive £10,000 towards their creative business/project
  • Winners receive year-long mentoring from a senior Deutsche Bank employee who will guide you towards making the right decisions, and advise you on what you need to think about in order for your project to be a success.
  • Winners receive marketing support from DBACE website.
  • Winners join the DBACE alumni – a network of over 200 ventures

A journey to creative success

The process of applying to DBACE will give you:

  • Knowledge of how to turn an idea into a project or a business
  • Valuable experience in pitching for new business, paid work and grants – a skill a large number of creatives are required to have
  • Experience in funding your own creative projects – a common necessary working practice for most creatives
  • Knowledge and experience of budgeting for your creative work
  • A greater belief in your own abilities to achieve

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