Below are business plans from three of our 2014 winners: well-balanced, creative, yet informative. We do not supply a template plan as the DBACE application process is very flexible, with room for creativity. We want you to convey your personality, passion and flair for your project or business.

Emilia Lloret with ‘Tenka Kirano’
Winner of the Deutsche Bank Award in Photography. Lloret presented a social / documentary project with the Tsáchilas, an indigenous group situated in the foothills of the Andes in Ecuador. The project’s aim is to awaken the notion of how the Tsáchilas perceive and understand the world, presenting a photographic tribute.

Marisa J. Futernick with ‘All my Presidents: An American Road Trip and Artist’s Book Series’
Winner of the Deutsche Bank Award in Fine Art. Futernick’s project is to conduct an artistic research trip across the USA, visiting each of the country’s Presidential Libraries, producing a set of 13 artist’s books – one for each President for whom there is a library.

Nell Bennett, Andreas Bilicki, Jack Hooper & Fotini Markopoulou with ‘MYtempo’
Winner of the Deutsche Bank Award in Design. MYtempo is a wearable device that improves your capacity to manage the pressures of time and stress in your daily life. It enables you to become more alert or to relax, without the need for meditation, caffeine or alcohol.

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